Shay Brown is an illustrator, painter and a writer best known for her whimsical illustrations and therapeutic theme(s).

Born in Virginia and raised in South Carolina, Brown's unique illustration work is shaped by her studies at Winthrop University (BFA in Illustration & Graphic Design with Departmental Honors and Scholarship Awards) Brown is also a graduate of The Governor's School for the Arts, 1990. 

Brown attributes creative influences to Picasso, Cezanne and Theodore Geisel (Dr. Suess).  
Her first canvas was her bedroom wall. The pencil was her teacher and the paintbrush her best friend. 
Shay's style reflects her whimsical personality. Her passion is to create pieces that display honesty and emotion. Each piece has a story. Shay's narrative form invokes an emotional response reflective of where someone is on their own personal journey. 
Shay is currently working on her first children's book with the Greenville Health System (GHS). Brown's commissioned works are displayed in homes across South Carolina, North Carolina, and California, and are on display in galleries across the upstate.